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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC*                  77

mand of the Duke de Guiche, defended the
entrance of the palace, at the hall called 1'Oeil
de Boeuf. The mob begged to be heard, and
the King allowed one of the women to enter.
He gave an order to the directors of the royal
granaries for bread to be distributed among them.

The Count d'Estaing behaved in a very
cowardly manner, and deserted his post. They
say the Marshal de Broglie has offered to con-
vey the King and royal family in safety to Mete,
and he is much advised to go; but Necker objects
to it. It is supposed that if he went the Duke
d'Orleans would be crowned. Necker proposed
that the Queen and children should go to Ram-
bouillet, but she will not leave the King.

The King has accepted the constitution. La
Fayette addressed him. He speaks little, they
say, from having few ideas, not from profound
thought. He said in the Assemble Nationale
that "Vinsurrection est la plus sainte des devoirs"
That is certainly an original idea. The King has
ordered away the Gardes du Corps, except those
belonging to the palace. Many nobles have run

four first priests who renounced their ministry, and became
one of the most violent enemies of the King. He had the
good fortune to escape the fate that befell the greater part
of the principal actors in the Revolution, and lived to an
advanced age.